GIA Diamond Grading Reports


The Gemological Institute of America was actually the first group to develop an internationally accepted grading system. GIA is the creator of what is known as the 4C’s of diamond grading, (color, clarity, cut and carat weight). Even prior to the EGL, GIA was the first to introduce a diamond grading report and set the standards for diamond grading worldwide.

The company compiles reports on diamonds over 1 carat in size. Each diamond screened with GIA comes with a complete report detailing the weight, cut, proportions, color grade and clarity. The real core of the GIA’s activities are in the area of education. The Institute is the home of the very prestigious GG degree, (Graduate Gemologist) and those two letters following an individual’s name marks him as a top professional in the jewelry world.

The Institute produces two credentials that are known and respected world wide. The first is the GIA Diamond Grading Report and the second is the GIA Diamond Dossier. Diamonds are sent from all over the world to the Institute to be graded. What’s more, they are the group responsible for examining some of the world’s most famous gems. Among the well known gems that have been handled by the Institute are the Hope Diamond, the Steinmetz Pink, The Taylor-Burton Diamond, and the Incomparable Diamond that weighed out at an incredible 407.48 carats. Such is the reputation of the GIA that the White House and Congress have sought its services. Its publications are the bibles of the gem industry, and it houses the largest library of books related to diamonds and gems in the world.

The GIA is a non-profit organization, and was founded in 1931, giving it 75 years of serving as the leader in the diamond grading field.